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Re:Fresh Project Update - August 2013

Training requested by project participants


Exciting writing for interpretation workshop

Writing is one element of interpretative development that can be improved at the vast majority of museums. It was identified during the early stages of the project that the Re:Fresh project museums fitted with this trend and would benefit from an opportunity to develop their confidence and writing skills.

An interpretative writing workshop was run for museums within the Re:Fresh project. The workshop ran on 20th June 2013 at Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre. The broad aims for the day were to:

Have thought about the key steps to planning exciting writing
Have explored lots of examples of good and bad text
An understanding of how to assess and edit copy
 Feel more confident at writing great interpretative writing for a variety of different interpretation techniques and topics

The workshop used a mixture of best practice guidance, new ideas for writing styles and structures, simple practical activities and examples from across the sector.

Evaluation of the day in 3 words (see graphic text picture to the right):


Bright ideas from the day you’ll take away?

  • Focussing on the story
  • Measuring the success of writing
  • Planning
  • Our interpretation must be one of the ways we try to ‘make memories’
  • It’s ok to be informal/funny
  • Don’t have to tell all the stories
  • 3 word description, 1 story, planning
  • Be imaginative
  • Memories, micro stories, 3 words
  • Condensing a story into 3 words
  • Creating a word pool
  • Methods of analysing text

The thing I most enjoyed…..

Informality and working with intelligent people;
I really enjoyed the exercises in the context of the information provided – worked well;
Seeing other peoples text and evaluating, rewriting;
Planning interpretation ideas with other people;
Re-writing fairy tale;
Working at other peoples work;
Practical simple examples to test.

Evaluating for success workshop

The Museum of Farnham were keen on doing some Evaluating of their interpretation, and as this was also picked up as a need during the project site meetings, a workshop ran on the 15th August 2013 for museums within the Re:Fresh project, and hosted at Farnham. The broad aims for the day were to:

  1. What do we mean by evaluation – an introduction
  2. Why are we doing this and what do we want to know anyway?
  3. Tools for success
  4. Exploring the ethics of evaluation
  5. Sifting through the information – data analysis made easy
  6. Clever ways to use what you find – using and communicating your findings
  7. Pulling it all together – an easy evaluation strategy

Evaluation of the day In 3 words (see graphic text picture to the right):


Bright ideas from the day you’ll take away?

  • Evaluation can be fun
  • Very simple techniques
  • Engagement scale and so many ways to help with bid
  • Tool box of skills to use
  • Be specific – what ‘surprised’ you?
  • Post it notes have a whole new meaning
  • Invite colleagues to visit and ask them what they think
  • Keep it short, simple and to the point
  • Range of evaluation terms
  • That there is such a wide range of evaluation strategies and new techniques that I’ve learnt (play) can be fun
  • Any ‘interactive’ methods eg bulls eye, post its and comments flag
  • Simple techniques can give just a good result (comments flag)

The thing I most enjoyed…..

Practical evaluation and team discussion;
Really enjoyable to listen to everyone’s ideas;
The informal way Kate facilitates the session;
Thinking outside my desk/office;
The play doh – it surprised me;
Personal meaning maps;
Practical exercise in museum.