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Slough Museum Sustainability Project

Museum Name

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Museum Contact

Jan Fredrickson, Chair Of Trustees

Title of Project

Slough Museum Sustainability Project



Dates from March-May 2013

What was the Project aim(s)?

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What was the impact of the project?

The Curator worked closely with the consultant, and has gained new skills, especially concerning the construction and structure of Business Plans, and has gained knowledge about the new Accreditation process and requirements. Discussions regarding income generation were also particularly insightful; supporting internal thinking about the direction for the Museum’s funding strategy.

The new Business Plan has given the Museum a clear, focused vision for the next 3 years and has helped the Museum to plan efficiently for a sustainable and resilient future.

Generally, the benefits and impact of working with a consultant on a bespoke project has been far greater than previous attendance at open training days, for example. The consultant has been able to provide bespoke support and guidance.

What went well and what didn’t go well?

The project came at a crucial time, with the Museum undergoing significant transition, including further changes in funding and physical location, and the Museum due to be called in August 2013 for Accreditation, with submission in January 2014.

Whilst the timing was right for the project, the current period of museum transition, however, led to a small curatorial capacity issue towards the end of the project, with unexpected external demands on time. This led to a small project extension needed.

Julia Holberry of Holberry Associates was recruited as consultant for the project. Julia had previously supported a strategic restructure at the Museum 4 years ago and had facilitated the Museum’s Away Day in 2010. This previous experience working with the Museum gave Julia an important insight into the Museum, and also an understanding the diverse community the Museum serves. In addition to understanding the idiosyncrasies of Slough, its museum and its community, Julia’s wide knowledge of the museum sector was thoroughly beneficial during discussions, and her creation of the new Business Plan. Throughout the project, Julia has been a tremendous source of support and guidance. She has offered honest appraisal, and at all times has been approachable and easily contactable. She has undoubtedly been the best person for this project.  

What are your plans for the future?

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Overall Cost of Project