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> > Re:Fresh Project Rye Castle Museum Case Study

Re:Fresh Project Rye Castle Museum Case Study

Museum Name

Rye Castle Museum

Museum Contact

Sheila Maddock

Project Title

Re:Fresh Project


March 2012 - ongoing

What were the project aims?

The Re:Fresh project aims to help museums upgrade their interpretation and exhibition design. We wanted to use the opportunities given to us by the refresh project to improve the quality of the visitor experinece to our East Street site.

What was the impact of the project?


What new skills your staff and volunteers gained?

A greater understanding of writing for interpretation, more awareness of the audience one is writing for.

How has your organisation become more efficient and/or effective?

A greater awareness of the impact of signage and general display issues among volunteers and paid staff will lead to improvements in all future exhibitions.

How do your visitors gain a better service as a result?

The Fresh Eye visit led to improvements in general appearance of the museum,  with some general tidying up and improved signage and display.

Do your visitors have greater enjoyment from their experiences?

The new signage has led to visitors taking more interest in the exhibits and the feedback has been positive.

What are your organisation’s plans for a sustainable and resilient future as a result?

Lessons learnt are being used at our other site, and fed to other volunteers.


What went well and what didn't go well?


Tell us about the timing of the project for you and you partners?

15 years on from the opening of the East Street Museum was the right time for a fresh eye look at the site.   

Was the consultant/trainer the right person for the job? Why is this?

Yes, Kate Measures had the enthusiasm to get everyone interested, with plenty of practical suggestions, and useful links with other museums.

How did you encourage everyone in your organisation to engage in the project?

Seeing the improvements in the museum has given everyone a heightened awareness of the issues of display and interpretation, and people have become more pro-active in this area.

Top Tips

  • Pithy Labels to attract all visitors        
  • Awareness of reading age and levels of information. Extra information can be made available in pockets attached to cases
  • Keep looking with fresh eyes at things which we don’t normally see because they are always there

What are your plans for the future

The lessons learnt will be used in new displays planned at our Ypres Tower site.

Pockets with additional information are being prepared for some exhibits.

What did the project cost?

This advice and support is part of the larger scaled project run and funded by the SEWS MDO Helen Derbyshire. However typical day rates for speciliast consultants range between £250-£500 per day.