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Pendon Museum - Preparing for a mobile world

Museum Name

Pendon Museum

Museum Contact

Martin Ray

Title of Project

Preparing for a mobile world



March to November 2013

What was the Project aim(s)?

a. To provide potential visitors, actual visitors and past visitors with means to access information about the museum on mobile devices.

b. To provide the infrastructure needed in the museum:- for ‘self-service’ guidance via mobile devices and other wifi connected  devices

- to facilitate posting to social media during a museum visit.

c. To design, implement and evaluate an initial range of self-guidance and information services accessible from mobile and other digital equipment.

What was the impact of the project?

We learnt how to design interactive services that run on a variety of devices    (phone/tablet/computer). We are now more knowledgable about the benefits and shortcomings of QR codes and the extent to which visitors engage with technology whilst at a museum.

We know more about how to mix conventional and technology-based interpretation and we understand how technology can extend the benefits of a visit beyond the time at the museum.

Visitors can personalise their experience to suit their own interests and delve further into the exhibits after their visit. Based on comments and feedabck visitors have greater enjoyment from their visit.

We are now looking for more opportunities to mix conventional and technology-rich interpretation.

What went well and what didn’t go well?

The timing worked well and the project was executed to planned time and cost.  

The consultant was the right person for the job as he understood the context and capabilities of the musuem.


Top Tips

1. Be very cautious about using QR codes to trigger visitor interaction. Very few visitors are equipped to do this (in spite of having smartphones) and they are unwilling to         download an App during their visit.

2. Generally speaking, visitor familiarity with technology isn’t at the level one would expect from media coverage etc.

3. You need to be very clear about the audience(s) you are targeting and design for each of them.

4. Think about technology as a way of extending the benefits of the visit to after the ‘physical’ visit. Use it to build a permanent relationship with the visitor.

What are your plans for the future?

We are planning to extend the mix of conventional and technology-based interpretation to other galleries as we update each of them.

Overall Cost of Project