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> > Museum Takeover Day - one Museum's approach in 2015

Museum Takeover Day - one Museum's approach in 2015

and reactions from the Yr 5/ 6 pupils that took part

Image credit: Weald & Downland Open Air Museum

Lucy Hockely, Schools Services & Project Manager at Weald & Downland Open Air Museum reports on the day and the reactions of the pupils that took part in Takover Day, 2015.

On Friday 20th November the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum took part again in Takeover Day. This year a group of 51 Yr 5& 6 pupils from Easebourne Primary School took over the museum. The pupils had looked through special Takeover day job descriptions in advance and decided which jobs they wanted to do. Every member of staff in that day, apart from our Museum Director who had some important meetings, worked alongside a group of pupils. So there were groups of pupils working on our main reception, with the adult learning team, helping our Curator in the artefact store, learning from our historian in Bayleaf, interpreting Whittaker’s cottages (and digging up many of the vegetables with our Gardener ), updating social media with our Marketing Trainee and many other tasks. At the end of the day the group who had been preparing a tour of the market square delivered their tour to everyone and a wonderful group of 4 coordinators helped to ensure that everyone was happy throughout the day.  

Below are some words from the pupils to describe their day.

Today we found out:

  • What it is like to work in a museum!
  • That they send letters to Japan, USA and Canada.
  • How to seal bags at the mill.
  • To be accurate you have to have strength, patience and tough.
  • If you put wax on a rusty piece of equipment, it is unlikely it will be rusty.
  • I helped Ann with the Christmas cards and found out how many volunteers there are.
  • How to look out and see if a person is hurt to help them.
  • It is quite hard running a museum!

Today we enjoyed:

  • I enjoyed seeing the different types of animals whilst taking pictures.
  • Sitting on an office chair and doing a proper job.
  • I liked learning how to cook! Awesome!
  • I enjoyed polishing the artefacts because it was fun!
  • I liked the old school because there was a MASSIVE book.
  • Lying on the bed in Bayleaf. I learned that we share a similar sort of life to before Henry the eight.
  • I loved it all!

From Easebourne School newsletter

Foxes and Otters Museum Takeover Day

On the 20th November Otters and Foxes went to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum for a special takeover day.  Basically, on the takeover day we were given specific jobs to do at the museum.  Maisie and I were given the job of Museum Welcome and greeted visitors to the museum.  We also wrapped presents for Father Christmas’ Grotto (which will happen soon).  The main job was the co-ordinator; their job was to check everything went to plan.  After lunch we had a special guided tour led by Charlie and Albert.  Albert gave a talk in the old church and Charlie acted as a Victorian teacher in the local school. It was very interesting.  At lunch time we were given yummy treats made by the bakers for the day (Alex, Jack, James A, Oakley, Callum and Adam). They made bread with jam in it.  When it was time to leave we all said a big thank you and goodbye to the staff and we were given a certificate saying we took over! Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity. By Maisie R and Gwen K.