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Mentor Development 2016-17

Mentoring is a powerful and well-established method for supporting individuals’ organisations’ development. It involves an individual with certain experience or skills (a mentor) having conversations with someone who is less experienced (a mentee), in order to help the mentee’s personal and professional development.

The museums community has recognised the value of mentoring for decades and mentors are now a key part of many initiatives in the sector in the South of England, helping both individuals and organisations to thrive, for example, the Accreditation scheme, Catalyst: Inspiring a Culture of Philanthropy and Associateship of the Museums Association all involve mentors as a key element of their support offerings.

Good mentoring requires skills and confidence and mentors benefit from ongoing support to play their parts effectively. So we provide support for anybody who is, or is about to be, using mentoring to help museums in the South of England, working with our South West colleagues and other organisations that rely on mentors to help museums. We offer CPD to mentors through events and the ‘South of England Mentoring and Museums’ LinkedIn group  - a private online forum specially for mentors to seek and offer advice and support. We create and signpost to resources that enable effective mentoring.

Contact us if you are a current or potential mentor and would like to get involved.

Mentor CPD is a key part of our 2015-18 Strong Leadership theme.