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Open Arms - Hampshire Solent Non User Consultation Project 2017

Project Aims

The purpose of this project is to help three local museums engage with their target non-user groups by:

  • Planning an affordable, realistic, and yet meaningful consultation process
  • Coaching and training the museums’ teams during the delivery phase
  • Producing a practical online guide on in-house consultation solutions, incorporating case studies based on the three target audiences chosen by the participating museums.
  • Deliver a shared training session to showcase the project, the museum case studies and train non-user consultation skills for a group of around 15 museum staff or volunteers from the area.

Project Details

The project consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1: Develop your Non-User Consultation idea (by May 2017)

A professional marketing consultant will work with you to explore your priority non-user group and your audience development needs.

Following consultation with each participating museum, the consultant will produce a fully costed proposal for the engagement with your non-user group, which takes into account your resource capacity and skills. 

You will then be invited to attend a meeting with the consultant and the teams from the other participating museums to discuss approaches and learn practical skills to deliver the consultation process.

Phase 2: Consultations (by October 2017)

Each museum will receive a budget of £300 to implement the proposals as agreed. During this period, the consultant will be available via email or phone to support you.

Phase 3: Evaluation & Share (by December 2017)

The consultant will prepare a good practice toolkit for publication on the South East Museum Development Programme website to help all museums deliver in-house, non-user consultation. They will ask for your insights to create case studies to support this work.

At the end of the project, you will be invited to join a final  training event for a wider community of museum staff and volunteers. The event will be an opportunity for the participant museums to share their experiences and learning with their peers, and for the contractor to help additional local museums follow in your footsteps.

Terms of Reference

Participating museums will be asked to confirm that they will comply with the following conditions:

Download HS_Open_Arms_T_Cs.pdf...

Apply to join this project now.

Deadline for submission is 10 March 2017.